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Why people DON’T buy Spotee Connect

Now that we have been in business for Nine months, it’s fair to say that the we have heard every excuse under the sun as to why people don’t join Spotee Connect.

So to save you and us time, we have created this post to highlight the three main reasons why people don’t buy Spotee Connect, and to us, why they don’t quite make any sense.

If you wish to discuss any of these points in more detail please contact us.

The three main reasons why people don’t join Spotee Connect

  1. It’s too expensive
  2. I get a lot of stuff for free
  3. I already use multiple research platforms and I don’t have enough time to even use them


1. It’s too expensive!

Expensive relative to what? Your life savings? Your income in retirement? Your family’s future prosperity?

The price of Spotee Connect is $99.95 per month and you can cancel at anytime. Consider that againsts managing $100,000, $200,000 $500,000… or even a million!

Investing in the market means you have your money at risk. What ‘price’ do you pay to have support to help you manage those risks and to support your current investment making process. While we can’t tell you what to do, we lay all the cards in front of you so that you can make fully informed investment decisions and be in total control.

We don’t see this as a “price”. We see it as exceptional value from a service unlike any in Australia.

You gain access to highly experienced and ASIC qualified investment professionals who will respond to your specific share market related questions 9am – 5pm Monday through to Friday.

We are insured, adhere to all regulatory requirements, and invest significant time to provide the detailed responses we do. The added benefit is the entire Spotee community get to see these responses as well giving us all a chance to learn off one another.

Our detailed responses on all ASX stocks that you ask about are generally completed within 24 hours. To see a sample of the responses we provide you may wish to subscribe to our free weekly “Question of the Week” newsletter. Click here to sign up

Spotee Connect is by far and away the most valuable investment service in Australia, and we hope that you too get to experience that for yourself, even if it is only for the one month.

2. I get lots of stuff for free already!

This response is closely aligned with the previous, and it is true – there is A LOT of stuff out there for free.

But as the old saying goes, “If you don’t pay for the product, you ARE the product.”

And while many don’t read the fine print, one of major ways companies give out information for free is because they are selling your personal details to others for profit – and by receiving their info, you have given them authority to do so.

Further, there might be commentators or social ‘influencers’ (without a financial services licence) who are giving out information, but have you ever thought, “Why? – what’s in it for them?”. If you think you are getting information for “FREE” you are mistaken. ASIC has even started to turn their attention to the detrimental impact they are having. Read here for more on how ASIC is keeping an eye on them.

Spotee Connect is not driven by hidden agendas, ulterior motives, zealous dogma, or conflicted interest.

You pay for an unbiased and objective perspective, delivered by a qualified professional, on a stock of interest to you.

And sure, you can spend hours upon hours scouring the internet in search of answers. Or you can ask a questions, get on with what is important to you in life, and then read our response later. What value would you put on that?

3. I already use multiple research platforms and I don’t have enough time to even use them. 

Are we glad we found you!

First, we are a complimentary service to all research providers. So if you are failing to get the best out of them, we can help.

Secondly, and more importantly we help you save a massive amount of time. There is a view amongst the analyst fraternity that simply sharing their views is sufficient. However have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this stock going down when everyone like it?”, “How is the price rising when it is overvalued?”, “How can this stock go up when no one likes it?”.

You are then left to your own devices to try to find some possible reason as to what is going on and this takes a lot of time. In fact the main reason why using a research tool takes so much time is because no one is answering your questions!

Instead, all you get is more market commentary. It’s all noise and adding to the perception that it takes a lot of time. And still, no one has answered your question. It wastes your time, and time is our most valuable asset!

At Spotee Connect we are committed to answering your questions. We speak your language, invest your way and respond to the questions you ask, be it big cap, small, fundamentals or technicals.


Hopefully you have enjoyed this read. If you want to see more frequently asked questions about our service please visit this link.

Otherwise we would value the opportunity to help get you shining the spotlight on stocks today ,and never invest in the dark again.