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Our valued Spotters make the Spotee Connect service. #

Take some time to read their thoughts.

As a retail investor navigating the complex world of financial markets, it’s good to have the guys from Spotee in your corner. They have vast market experience, an encyclopedic knowledge of the ASX, answer questions promptly, and save me time by “Shining the Light” on stocks to watch. It’s like having a sharemarket adviser in your pocket.
C M (aka Grandslam)

I have recently joined Spotee Connect, and receive honest and polite customer service, which is prompt is highly regarded. The quality and depth of the answers to all the questions are helpful and fair. The Spotee Connect live is a great aspect to this service as well. Professional, factual and fun. It is something i look forward to , bringing peace and levity to investing. Spotee connect , well worth the investment.
A W (aka Prospect)

I am happy with the level of service Spotee Connect [budding Company] is providing to me.

Insights are independent…unconflicted, deep not shallow; factual and pragmatic; I always look forward to the Broker views on ASX listed companies… A highlight of this subscription is “Shine the light” section of the “Market at Midda” program. Helps me make an informed decision on the stocks I own and that I am researching on [also, helps me to manage my portfolio diligently]. Surely value for money as I can confidently send a request on any ASX listed companies to Spotee Connect and obtain an independent informed response promptly.

“Spotee Connect is excellent! I’ve been investing for 30 years and I haven’t come across anything of this kind of service that offers the opportunity for an Individual to be able to ask questions on the companies of your choice. I rate it five out of 5. It will help a beginner investor right through to the professional. It is exceptional value too!”
G M (aka BrisGray)

“I’ve been associated with Elio for a while now, including a few years prior to Spotee. As an aside to the content of his delivery (which is exceptional), he has this knack of introducing humor in his analogy , which I find a good catalyst to remember information. An additional reason to look forward to the podcasts, indeed.

There’s a quick turnaround time for analysis (fundamental and technical), which is in-depth , knowledgeable and professional. Much work has been put into fine tuning the delivery of the podcasts where the guests give their view on the requested companies.

It’s great having access to both Chris Bachelor and Elio’s vast industry experience and they compliment each other well. All this, together with the knowledge I have acquired, makes managing my portfolio less challenging. ( In fact if Elio or Chris hold a particular stock then about 70% of my analysis is done). I have great confidence in their work and look forward to a long and successful association with Spotee on Shares.”
S N (aka SagieNSW)

“Spotee is my favourite ‘go to’ source for answers and expert views on stocks. Chris and Elio are generous with their time and respond within 24 hours to my questions. The guest spotters are interesting and well prepared. I recommend the service to all investors in equities.”
M K (aka GMK)

Thanks to Elio and Chris for providing this unique and value for money service. There’s no company too obscure for them. Their response is swift, detailed and concise. If you’re lucky, your stock may also get discussed by expert guests on their show! Keep up the great work and thanks for listening to the feedback!
P N (aka Clivus)


#Testimonials are provided by third parties for information purposes only and are not intended, and should not be taken to be financial product advice. Please refer to “Terms of Use” for more information