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Read some of the more frequently asked questions

We encourage you to read our FAQs in order to understand more deeply what services Spotee has to offer.

If you can’t find your specific question feel free to contact us.

Spotee Connect FAQs

No. You ask us questions and we respond.

Spotters can then ask further questions about our responses, however the comments/research is always curated by one of our analysts.

You can not respond directly to another Spotter.

No. This is a unique offering designed around answering your share market queries, not providing in-depth research reports.

In fact, we are a complimentary service to your current research provider and investment strategy, providing an objective view on any stock of interest to you.

Of course. There is no requirement that you ask any questions.

You may simply wish to observe what others are looking at and read the interesting stories behind the companies discussed.  Take comfort though that if ever there ever is a question you have, you can ask us!

No. If you currently find value in using an investment newsletter, broker, or software service then we encourage you to keep doing so.

We will be here to objectively comment on any questions you may have and support the service you've signed up to.

In order for us to pay for analysts, provide the technology, meet our AFSL obligations and to support our ongoing objective of helping as many DIY investors as possible, we need to charge a  monthly membership fee.

Yes. Spotee Connect is a pay-by-the-month subscription which renews automatically on the anniversary date.

You can cancel at anytime and still have access to the service until the next anniversary date is reached.

No. As we are a monthly service, you can cancel at any time. This will allow access to the end of the monthly period and then it will cease.

We commit significant resources to provide this unique service to you. Therefore we require payment before we can research and respond to any of your questions. We believe this is only fair and reasonable.

If after one month the service is not for you, feel free to simply cancel your membership from within the app or email us

No, all questions must be asked through the app.

Yes there is. You can ask 35 questions a month.

  • 35 questions allowed per month equals 420 over the full year
  • An investor with 2 X portfolios of 20 stocks could ask a question about each one 4 times a year (160 questions).
  • This leaves another 260 questions over the full year to be used on stocks of interest / in a watchlist.

However you may find from time to time that others have asked the same question. As we publish all questions asked, you can read their responses too.

Being a tax deduction is of significant benefit.

We would encourage you to always seek independent accounting advise to determine what is appropriate for you.

Spotee Consulting FAQs

Investing can be challenging, even for skilled professionals who get to look at stocks everyday.

Life is busy, be it family, work or even when you are retired. So it's very easy for you to stray from your investment strategy and let your portfolio suffer from neglect. 

If you simply don't have the means, time or desire to remain on top of things - then consider partnering with someone who can provide you with the skills, knowledge and support to keep your portfolio disciplined.

The service can be delivered in any way that suits you and your lifestyle. Morning or night, technology conferencing, on the phone, email or in person. We wish to communicate with you in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

However, should you wish to meet face-to-face, then any travel time and expenses may be included within the hourly rate.

Our executive team deliver this service.

It will be either or both of Elio D'Amato and Chris Batchelor.

Feel free to request a specific person if you wish.

Anyone who has a share portfolio. For example:

  • Self managed super funds (SMSFs)
  • Investors who have accumulated a sizeable portfolio
  • Financial Advisers managing clients' money
  • New investors starting out with a lump sum

The first consultation is complimentary and is for a maximum of 30 mins on the phone.

It is a fact finding mission to discuss what you want from a service such as this. This includes a brief questionnaire that you will need to complete in order to help maintain the focus on the things that matter most to you.

Unfortunately there will be no answers to your problems provided in this session.

Subsequent to the meeting, a plan and future schedule will outline what services will be delivered as part of the consultation process. At this point you have the option not to proceed with any sessions if you feel our program would not be able to assist you.

Again, this will depend on what you are after. So based on the areas you wish to focus on, you may receive a combination of:

  • Education, training and mentorship
  • Someone to bounce ideas off who can explain the facts, so you can make an informed investment decision
  • A detailed investment strategy that you develop and can implement with discipline
  • Ongoing portfolio diagnostics designed to optimise your portfolio  
  • A market expert on call to answer your questions
  • Other share market related services based on your requirements

The are two ways Retail Investors can subscribe to Spotee's consulting services:

  1. Annual fee of $7,995 (Inclusive of GST)
  2. Per hour rate of $750 (Inclusive of GST)

Given the added complexity for delivering this service to Financial Advisers, we price the work based on your needs.

Please read carefully the next two questions to understand how these offerings differ.

An annual subscription to Spotee's consulting and education services for retail investors is $7,995 p.a. (inclusive of GST) *

This rate includes all preparation work, reviews, consultations and subsequent contacts. Our service is delivered completely online, over the phone and/or via video conferencing. It will remain at this rate for the tenure of our relationship, irrespective of any price rises in the future.

This rate works for those who require the assurance and flexibility of having someone on-call to answer questions, without the worry of future invoicing or time restrictions . A base schedule of sessions can be arranged, with subsequent contact available on an 'as requested' basis.

Payment must be made in full prior to any work commencing. And given the significant price discount and resource commitment required to support a full year offering, there are no refunds available.

However should you be unavailable and not monitoring your portfolio for a period of time, then we are happy to extend the service period for the time you will be offline.

We appreciate and understand that this is a significant investment, and therefore it may not be appropriate for everyone. Please be sure to read all the responses to the questions posed on this page to determine whether such a service would be of value to you.

* Rates for Financial Advisers will need to be negotiated based on the number of clients and your current offering (direct holdings, SMA/IMA etc). The base rate however remains $5,995 p.a. (inclusive of GST). Should you wish to meet face-to-face, then there will also be an additional charge for this service calculated based on your location.

We charge $750 per hour (inclusive of GST). This is also the minimum charge for any work completed. 

It will remain at this rate for the tenure of our relationship, irrespective of any price rises in the future.

The billing cycle includes both any preparation work and the time for the consultation. You will be told what that amount will be before any work commences and payment must be made before the session is held. If you can't make the scheduled meeting for any reason we will look to reschedule.

Refunds are available should you cancel your session at least 48 hours before.

Refunds will not be paid should the cutoff time not be met. The only other alternative then is to reschedule to another day and time.

To give you an idea of the time required and potential outlay - A full and thorough review of your existing portfolio, strategy development and education will likely take 3 hours to complete - $1,500.

If all you require is a discussion on recent decisions and possible opportunities, that time will likely be 1hr - $500 (30 mins research + 30min discussion).

Obviously the larger the portfolio and/or more question, the more time required.

We appreciate and understand that this is a significant investment, and therefore it may not be appropriate for everyone. Please be sure to read all the responses to the questions posed on this page to determine whether such a service would be of value to you.

Being a tax deduction is of significant benefit and in most circumstances the consultation is tax deductible.

But there are some instances when it is not. Be sure to ask us and we can help you clarify relevant points.

However we would encourage you to always seek independent accounting advise to determine what is appropriate for you.

The annual subscription is a commitment for the full year.

The per hour subscription however is not. If you find one session is enough then that is the ideal scenario.

More commonly, and depending on what your level of investing knowledge is to begin with, we would expect that it will take a number of sessions until you are ready to manage and take control of your portfolio alone. Elio can still be available for periodic reviews and personalised education on an adhoc basis to keep you disciplined should you wish.

However should you feel that you will require ongoing and consistent assistance then consider the annual subscription option as it can be quite cost effective.


We will bring to your attention stocks that either do align and/or fail to meet your investment objectives.

Further, we will help you build and manage an investment strategy, whilst helping you identify the right type of stocks for you. You can even ask for our assistance as part of that review.

However it is important to stress, that all we can do is lay out the cards in front of you needed to make a fully informed decision. It is your decision to make the final call.

It depends.

Obviously if your portfolio is very small, then this service may not be cost-efficient. There is a lot of great free information out there, and reasonably priced services such as "Spotee Connect" where your questions are answered on a per stock basis in an open forum.

In a relative sense, say you are starting with a portfolio or lump sum of $250k and you select a per hour subscription, then allowing for education, training and mentorship over say 5 hours conducted across a number of weeks, then the outlay equals 1.5% of your portfolio (ie $3,750 to get the knowledge you need to start.)

If you have an existing $1m portfolio and sound knowledge of the market, then on a per hour basis a full diagnostic and consultation could take between 3-4 hours ($2250 - $3000) to initially complete meaning an investment of 0.23 - 0.3% of the portfolio. 

Should you subscribe to the annual subscription then the time to complete any review is irrelevant, however the outlay for the year does increase to 3.2% of a $250k portfolio or 0.8% of a $1m portfolio.

Great point!

For investors who have an established investment strategy, as well as the time, skills, confidence and discipline to make their own decisions, then "Yes", watching Spotee Connect may be more than enough.

However, if you find investing on your own overwhelming, trading based on a hunch, or you lack the time and discipline to focus on your portfolio, then a service such as this would be of great value.

If your investment approach could be described as haphazard at best, and/or you lack the confidence and discipline to make decisions when they need to made, then this is where we can help you develop your skills and teach you the habits of successful investing. You can then apply these relative to your own investment objectives and tolerance to risk.

Think of us as a professional life coach for your share portfolio!

No. We are independent. 

We work with your existing and preferred information partners to help optimise your returns. This is a complimentary service and we a proud of our strong relationship with third-party research firms.

You will still need to trade through either an online broker or a full service broker of your choice. We are also happy to work alongside any advise or research you may be receiving elsewhere. We are agnostic when it comes to other providers as we provide a complimentary service that looks to support you, not push our own agenda. 

Should you need a specific service, we can recommend people and/or organisations that you can look into to see if they are fit for your purpose.


Spotee Pty Ltd ACN 637 623 940 is a corporate authorised representative (No: 001283189) of Daylight Financial Group Pty Ltd ACN 633 984 773.

Daylight Financial Group Pty Ltd is a proud holder of an Australian financial services licence AFSL 521404.

We are insured and are a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). We take our legal and duty of care obligations very seriously.

We would suggest that you seek share market consultants / mentors who also hold an AFSL. 

In order to arrange a time for our first 30 minute complimentary consultation, simply fill in the form below. 

We'll be in touch to discuss a time that works best for you.

Should this meeting meet your objectives and you wish to utilise our consulting/mentoring services - then we can discuss the timing of  subsequent sessions.