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Guest Spotters

SpoteeTV is supported through the generosity of our expert guests who donate their time to help Australian investors navigate this rewarding, but often volatile asset class.
Read about each of our guests to learn more about them and the services they offer.
SpoteeTV does not endorse the services of any of the providers listed on this page.

Chris is a Chartered Financial Analyst with over 25 years experience in financial markets.

He co-founded, managed and ultimately sold Skaffold – a fintech business focused on equities and he is regularly called upon by media for his insights. Currently combining his private investing alongside working as a consultant to corporations, Chris has a passion for investing that he is keen to share with the general public.

Chris joins Spotee to help shine the spotlight on shares.

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Simon has been actively involved in all aspects of stockbroking since 1987.

Simon’s areas of expertise include equities, portfolio management, short-term trading, long-term strategies, derivatives and fixed interest. His focus is on how technology is changing the investment landscape.

Stuart started his career in corporate lending with IBM, then moved into a variety business management roles before taking that experience to the world of private wealth.

He has now worked as a private wealth advisor at Medallion Financial for the past 3 years, where he looks to protect and grow wealth for his clients via the equity markets, primarily focusing on the ASX 300.

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Gary is a Certified Financial Analyst and is accredited from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

Now days, Gary manages money for private clients and he runs through ASTA Trading runs technical analysis training courses, both online via his website and in group settings.

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Niv is the founder of Peak Asset Management, a boutique investment management firm that services both private and institutional investors with access to corporate opportunities. Not only does each opportunity pass their strict investment process, but they personally invest in them as well.

Niv headed up HC Securities, spent three years growing Halifax Investment’s capital markets division and also worked on the wholesale desk at Macquarie Bank.

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Michael has spent his working life in the Finance Industry, specifically in wealth creation. His approach has always been to challenge the status quo, always looking for the competitive edge to improve results and he became interested in the use of geopolitics to predict what event would take place next and its effect upon the share market. In doing this Michael realised what an imprecise science it was.

After he left QIC, Michael and his team worked tirelessly on developing a method of predicting changes in volatility in the market, with the resultant change in prices which reflects a microcosm of human behaviour

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Braden started in the industry as a broker trading Futures Options and Indexes. In 2011 he took the big step of becoming a private trader and in that time has used technical analysis to help him both perform and master his psychology.

Braden is very passionate about markets and since 2015, he has also worked closely with TradeDirect365 and to deliver innovative solutions and signals to traders who invest in the market.

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Richard is the founder of the Under the Radar Report which seeks to provide independent expert research on small cap stocks to Australian share market investors. His primary focus are Small Caps and Blue Chip Value.

Richard has 25 years’ direct experience in investment markets having held a variety of positions in both Australia and the UK. He is a frequent commentator across many media outlets and he has a passion for uncovering the future leaders of tomorrow, today.

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David Hunt is the founder of Profit Hunters Group. His background spans over 35+ years and he is highly regarded in the industry.

Specialising in market cycles and technical analysis, he services Advisors, Fund Managers, Traders, Investors and Self -Managed Super Funds. David is also the President of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association – Australia’s peak body representing Technical Analysts participating in the financial services industry.

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Tony is a client adviser at Alto Capital and has extensive knowledge and experience since joining the financial services industry in 1998.

He has a passion for identifying high-growth investment opportunities in the resource, biotech and industrial sectors. As such, he has advised on numerous successful IPO and pre-IPO capital raisings in the Australian market. Tony also has forthright views on the economy and he regularly shares those with viewers of Spotee.

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David possess 30+ years experience in the stock market (including the 1987 crash) with deep experience in the Finance and Accounting sector.

David established Wealthwise Education was established in 1997 to teach individuals how to invest in an easy to understand and pragmatic way. His programs delivered face-to-face courses and audio-visual programs, are sold all over the world. He has presented on stage alongside some of the world’s greats such as Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

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Justine Pollard is a private Australian technical share and CFD trader and author of the best-selling book, ‘Smart Trading Plans.’

Trading full time since 2001, Justine offers a range of training courses based around trading trends and using strict money management rules. She is extremely passionate about sharing her trading strategies for the benefit of others, and has been called upon by media to share her story and methods.

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Nick Radge is the Head of Trading & Research at The Chartist.

His experience extends from being a professional trader, analyst, educator and author. He has been a trader on the floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange, worked for international banks in London, Singapore & Sydney. Nick is regarded as an expert in trading system design and technical analysis.

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Stuart Roberts is the co-founder of Pitt Street Research, an independent equities research firm who produce the Stocks Down Under report for retail investors.

Previously, Stuart covered the healthcare and biotechnology sectors for stockbroking firms Southern Cross Equities, Bell Potter and Baillieu Holst from 2002 to 2015, where he developed a reputation for detailed analysis on previously uncovered Life Science companies.

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Kunal Sawhney is founder & CEO at Kalkine. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in the Australian Equities Market and has extensive expertise in quantitative and qualitative stock selection practices.

His firm provides holistic view of stock investment recommendations to retail investors with respect to financial performance, strategy, and industry catalysts. The firm looks for stocks that are out of favour with the market and uses a combination of tangible and intangible to identify stock opportunities.

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Ron Shamgar is the Head of Australian Equity Strategies at TAMIM Asset Management and is also the manager of the TAMIM Australian Equity All Cap Fund and has been investing actively on the ASX for over 17 years.

Ron is responsible for research, company analysis, portfolio construction and marketing the Fund. Ron has a passion for value investing and believes in a systematic approach to researching and evaluating businesses with a strong bias on assessing management teams.

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Gary is the founder and Managing Director of Share Wealth Systems.

Gary has an investing career spanning three decades, and is schooled in mathematics and computer science. Combining these with his passion for investing, Gary started SWS in 1998 to help investors succeed in the share market applying techniques that he had back tested and continues to work on today. Gary is a prolific contributor to investing publications and is a most sort after commentator and public speaker. He is also an avid golfer and believer of the strengths of healthy living.

Spotee is proudly powered by Share Wealth Systems and we thank Gary for his support of investors everywhere.

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David has been involved with financial markets since 2002. He worked for a number of financial institutions across various locations in Melbourne, Sydney and London.

He works with clients in both portfolio construction and ongoing management. He is also an Investment Manager, of an Australian Equities MDA portfolio which has outperformed the ASX200 accumulation index over the last 5 years. When analysing a company, David attempts to look at it from all angles, with a tilt towards technicals.

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Frank is the CEO of the ProTrader software, which he created in 1997. His experience in markets extends back to 1986 and he has worked as a broker, trader and educator.

He has authored a book, “Exploding the Myths: What your broker doesn’t know and won’t tell you” and Frank likes to keep his signals simple letting price action and volume drive decisions. His ProTrader software helps investors with actionable signals according to these principles.

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