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Bespoke investment mentoring


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Our premium offering

This specialised support and education offering is only available to a select number of investors, and is delivered by Spotee’s Executive team.

How do we help?

Investors – Private portfolios / SMSF

For those DIY investors seeking a hands-on market expert to help them invest in the share market

• Portfolio diagnostics
• Investment strategy development
• Individual stock analysis
• Targeted share investing education
• Ongoing mentorship and support

Financial Advisers

Bespoke solutions for Advisers who maintain internal SMA/IMA offerings and/or for those providing advice on direct equities.

• Strategy and stock analysis
• Model portfolio development and maintenance
• Investment committee participation
• Education and market updates for your clients

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Unlock your portfolio’s potential by obtaining a direct line of access to our rich knowledge source through specialised Consulting Services.


Here are some of our more frequently asked questions

The are two ways Retail Investors can subscribe to Spotee's consulting services:

Annual fee of $7,995 (Inclusive of GST)
Per hour rate of $750 (Inclusive of GST)

Given the added complexity for delivering this service to Financial Advisers, we price the work based on your needs.

Being a tax deduction is of significant benefit and in most circumstances, the consultation is tax deductible.

But there are some instances when it is not. Be sure to ask us and we can help you clarify relevant points.

However we would encourage you to always seek independent accounting advise to determine what is appropriate for you.

It depends.

Obviously if your portfolio is very small, then this service may not be cost-efficient. There is a lot of great free information out there, and reasonably priced services such as "Spotee Connect" where your questions are answered on a per stock basis in an open forum.

In a relative sense, say you are starting with a portfolio or lump sum of $250k and you select a per hour subscription, then allowing for education, training and mentorship over say 5 hours conducted across a number of weeks, then the outlay equals 1% of your portfolio (ie $2,500 to get the knowledge you need to start.)

If you have an existing $1m portfolio and sound knowledge of the market, then on a per hour basis a full diagnostic and consultation could take between 3-4 hours ($1500 - $2000) to initially complete meaning an investment of 0.15 - 0.2% of the portfolio.

Should you subscribe to the annual subscription then the time to complete any review is irrelevant, however the outlay does increase to 2.4% of a $250k portfolio or 0.6% of a $1m portfolio.

Anyone who has a share portfolio. For example:

  • Self managed super funds (SMSFs)
  • Investors who have accumulated a sizeable portfolio
  • Financial Advisers managing clients' money
  • New investors starting out with a lump sum
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To learn more of the benefits a mentoring and consulting service may deliver you, contact us to arrange a FREE 30 minute no obligation consultation