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*Special announcement* Spotee on Shares

Special announcement 6th July 2021

It’s with a tinge of regret that I inform you that after 16 months, “Spotee on Shares” will no longer air on Ticker News.

This decision comes on the back of Ticker’s success and their increasing focus on “breaking news.” Ticker News was supportive of our community and were kind enough to retain our program for the duration of its life, despite the evolution of their business model and schedule.

However, over time and after a number of programming changes, moving originally from a 60 minute program, to a 45 minute and then the current 30 minute show, it has become obvious that a further reduction in time was not conducive to the format of the program, in particular the interaction with our greatest assets, you the viewer.

Yet, this will not be goodbye.

Our program was built on a platform agnostic mandate, embracing all investment methodologies. You actively participated in the Q&A format of the show and we all valued the contribution of our expert Chief Spotters. We also had the added benefit of learning off one another’s questions.

Therefore, we will be looking to replace this void with an alternative, more frequent offering that captures the essence of what we were trying to achieve, connecting you to investing experts and having your specific queries answered.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ahron Young, Jed Bertalli and the entire team at Ticker News. They generously allowed me to run the show, use their staff and facilities, so as that I could talk to my mates about my favourite topic, investing. I look forward to continuing to work with the station in other ways to play my part in its continuing evolution.

To all our Chief Spotters (far too many to name) who so generously donated both their time and insights in supporting our investment journey. You were the pendulum that made our clock tick.

Thanks to my wife Maria for putting up with my scheduling meltdowns and pre and post production blow-ups. Her unwavering support of me donating my time (both days and nights) was crucial to the success of this program.

But most importantly I want to thank all of you, our viewers, who supported the show with your eyeballs, your ears and your questions over the entire 157 episodes we ran on air.

This will not be the end of Spotee. We have all built something way too special to simply let it disappear into the media ether.

In fact, it is an exciting time, with a special announcement to be made within the next two weeks.

If you have not done so already, please email or text 0480 079 089 if you would like to stay up to date with what we are doing.

Alternatively, follow me on Twitter or Chris Batchelor or our company sites on Facebook or LinkedIn. We will also update our website So, unless you are deliberately trying to avoid us, you will hear about our next offering.

Until we chat again, I’m Elio D’Amato, you were watching Spotee and together we shone the spotlight on shares. Talk soon!