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Spotee Connect

Invest with an expert in your back pocket

An investing support service like no other

Spotee Connect is a community directed service, where YOU get to dictate which stocks we shine the spotlight on. Built on the concept made popular on shows, “Spotee on Shares” and “Your Money Your Call”, Spotee Connect allows you to ask questions about any ASX stock which our team of qualified analysts then answer.

On call. Throughout the trading day. Answers from qualified and experienced experts.

How does it work?

Step 1

Find a company of interest

Step 2

Shine the light by asking a question

Step 3

Wait for our prompt response

Step 4

Read our response and ask another question

We also have our “members only” Market at Midday program where host Elio D’Amato takes you through a range of ASX stocks from different investment perspectives. PLUS he’ll help you ‘See the Light’ on stocks to watch right now

No jargon, no onerous reading, no chest beating. We cut to the chase of what is going on and what it means. All this delivered by our on-call team of qualified and experienced market analysts.

There are no shortage of share tips online, many come from those with vested interests. Spotee Connect is an objective view delivered by qualified experts as per the standards set by our Australian Financial Services Licence.


Here are some of our more frequently asked questions

Yes. Spotee Connect is a pay-by-the-month subscription which renews automatically on the anniversary date.

You can cancel at anytime and still have access to the service until the next anniversary date is reached.

Yes there is. You can ask 35 questions a month.

  • 35 questions allowed per month equals 420 over the full year
  • An investor with 2 X portfolios of 20 stocks could ask a question about each one 4 times a year (160 questions).
  • This leaves another 260 questions over the full year to be used on stocks of interest / in a watchlist.

However you may find from time to time that others have asked the same question. As we publish all questions asked, you can read their responses too.

No. If you currently find value in using an investment newsletter, broker, or software service then we encourage you to keep doing so.

We will be here to objectively comment on any questions you may have and support the service you've signed up to.

Of course. There is no requirement that you ask any questions.

You may simply wish to observe what others are looking at and read the interesting stories behind the companies discussed.  Take comfort though that if ever there is a question you have, you can ask us!

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We don’t mandate your investing. Follow the strategy you want to use, and we’ll support you.
All you’ve got to do is ask a question.