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Sample questions from members of Spotee Connect

A key part of our service is the ability for Spotters (members) to ask questions throughout the investing day.

Not only do Team Spotee respond to these questions, but all our Spotters get to see the responses.

As at the date of this article we have discussed over 500 companies.

Here is a sample of the questions we get asked:

    • “Your opinion on the business update today from AAA and any catalyst for the huge price drop. Just think it’s an over-reaction. I’m inclined to think the price will recover maybe not in the near term but more gradually. Your thoughts will be appreciated.”
    • “BBB seems be progressing well. Good possible entry point for short term and long term. Support levels please?”
    • “Can I get your thoughts on CCC and their latest 4c?”
    • “DDD Worth a nibble here, with incoming” fresh legs “next year? Or wait for company new business updates. Just want to average in, that’s all.”
    • “EEE has fallen since announcing the chip shortage will have a profound effect on their products in 2022. My concern is will this be a temporary situation and an opportunity to purchase at a discount or will this be a long-term play.”
    • “What recommendations would you give to a shareholder in FFF in view of recent takeover negotiations Tempted to lock in the profit but what do you think of the prospects going forward?”
    • “What are the prospects for GGG in your analysis I have held them for a long time, taking profits at intervals I would have thought that they were better placed now than years ago at their xenith. Your views please?”
    • “Looking for entry into HHH when trend turns positive. Anything you have to offer on this company please?”
    • “What are your thoughts as to the ability of JJJ to digest this recent acquisition and grow the share price?”
    • “Technicals on LLL for support/ possible entry levels.”
    • “Why has this company price exploded upwards? Is this overpriced for what’s on offer? Is there value here?
    • “If EV’s are the future and lithium batteries are their life-blood what are your thoughts on NNN given its recent decision to go ahead with their mine, and the off-take contracts they have with China?”
    • “PPP has good management, but I can’t see any signs of organic growth and I hope I’m wrong. Good global expansion, suppose that’s a positive. Kindly, Your view please.”
    • “Appreciate your thoughts on new positive announcement from QQQ , production getting closer.”
    • “This looking good for possible entry or in $$$ range or does it need to settle first? Looks like it is supported by high volumes. When previous spikes sometimes up sharp down sharp. Or this chart more positive recent action?”

If you wish to see what companies we are talking about and our responses, plus the over 500 others, then you can join Spotee Connect.

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