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Sample questions from members of Spotee Connect (Updated)

A key part of our service is the ability for Spotters (members) to ask questions throughout the investing day.

Not only do Team Spotee respond to these questions within 24 hours, but all our Spotters get to see the responses.

Its been a while since we shared the types of questions we have bee asked by members as part of this premium service.

Read on to see for yourself what answers our Spotters are looking for::

        • “AAA’s share price dropping relative to it’s peers.It is the impact of the changes within the company( recent announcements, I see the latter as positive), that’s making investors sceptical or they see better opportunity else where. Buying opportunity or wait? Your valued opinion will be appreciated.”
        • “I’ve spent 2o years in BBB. Now it looks like sentiment is turning. Any sense in staying in??”
        • “HI, could i ask what do you think of CCC? They will have Rev in on June and cashflow positive this year? Technical side it seems start to rocket ? Thanks”
        • “i see DDD making another moe up/ recovery in share price forecast looks good later this year. As a trade / enter these levels , is it look good technically and is the current share price moves on good / high voulme? What’s pros/ cons of moves high/ low volume. Thanks.”
        • “I have a small holding in EEE and am waiting to accumulate for the long term. Seems to have broken a support level at $x.xx. Where is the next support to add more if I think it will have a rough 6 months?”
        • “FFF has come to our attention with the news of a Buy Back. In the current climate of its consistent price downturn and your comments on 31/1/22 concerning profitability ( or lack thereof) , is an investment at the current  level  worth a thought ?
        • “Your thoughts on GGG would be appreciated, This stock like many others had been hit hard but now the chart has some higher highs and lower highs. Do you think it is a good opportunity to take some small investment parcels now.”
        • “Is it too early to get excited about the new nhs contracts for HHH albeit them being only proof of concept? Do you see this company in competition with III for funds even when their software are of different use and III being more mature in their presence in UK?”
        • “Company JJJ is going from strength to strength and yet sp hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s competitor KKK has been doing worse but their poor figures warrant their fall. There are on a lot higher multiple as well. If the company cannot get a rerate from going into India, is it a risk to hold a company even when metrics are steadily improving but sp isn’t, as holders can get disheartened?”
        • “Hi I would like your opinion how you evaluate when directors start buying Shares. my worry is that they’re buying them to get their buy price down and then dump them when they have a surge because they have lost faith in the company Long term, I think sometimes it’s not necessarily They believe in the company I could be wrong I just would like to know your opinion.”
        • “LLL is a stock i am wary of from past experience of their accounting practices bit the dividend is tempting Your thoughts on LLL and the space generally please?”
        • “MMM chart mentioned in the “Technical Monday” show.jumped up, retraced a little, up again. This still looking good for targets?”
        • “What did you think of the report for NNN? Do you see the sp upside limited even when the tech sell off stops? When do you think they will be able to become profitable?”
        • “Your view on the announcement for OOO please. Same theme like most companies, it seems reporting this season, increasing costs. at least they have made a small profit and expect a return of capital from the sale of their fixed wireless network. Showing good prospects, with YOY growth, but it just sits there.”


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