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10 reasons why Spotee Connect represents value?

Our purpose is to make DIY investing accessible to everyone by empowering investors to make more informed decisions with objective and independent perspectives.

So we built our unique Spotee Connect service so that we could deliver maximum value to as many investors as we can:

#1 Exclusive access to experts – unlike social media or chat forums where discussions turn partisan from many with a hidden agenda, Spotee Connect allows you to tap exclusively with investing experts in a transparent way with no hidden agenda.

#2 Experience – Between Elio and Chris you have over 50 years experience and they have established a reputation in share investing from a number of different perspectives be it Research, Funds Management, Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis and Education.

#3 It’s not about us, it’s about YOU – the Spotee Connect service is built around answering YOUR questions. You drive the agenda, not us. What you’ll get in return are unbiased insights, with you question at the heart of any work we do.

#4 Time – we all have finite time and allocating that to your investing is a significant cost. Whereas you can simply ask a question and we’ll answer, freeing you up to do what you value most. For example, ask us questions before you head to play golf. Read our answers when you get back home.

#5 Herd insights – why rely on just your own initiative to find opportunities? As a Spotee Connect member you will be able to read the question and answer of other Spotters who may uncover a gem you didn’t know about, or provide education on a topic you were not familiar with.

#6 Different perspectives – We encourage different opinions as we appreciate there are many ways to invest in the market and each are valid. We host SpoteeTV which includes our “Market at Midday” program where we bring in other qualified investing experts from other organisations to answer your questions.

#7 Unbiased sounding board – We are the perfect complement to any existing research source you currently use. We provide perspective and objectivity. We are not governed by dogma or ulterior motives. Just a desire to help. Never invest in the dark again.

#8 We are licenced – There is no shortage of opinions online, many with vested interests. Spotee Connect will give you an objective view from people qualified to comment as per the standards set by our Australian Financial Services Licence which we have invested in and proudly hold.

#9 Safe environment – all questions are answered by licenced professionals. You will not be heckled, trolled or ridiculed for your questions which you can ask anonymously if you wish. We actively encourage all questions, from early stage investors through to the experienced. We care about your success.

#10 Price – In keeping with our mission of making DIY investing accessible to everyone we have priced this service at the affordable rate $29.95 per month and you can cancel at any time. There is no better value service in Australia – and no cheaper way to have an analyst in your back pocket.

So join Spotee Connect today for less than a dollar a day with no lock in contract and experience for yourself why this is simply the best value share market support service available to investors today.