Spotee – Your Call Hour – Episode 34

Episode #34 of Spotee – the Your Call hour saw Tony Locantro from Alto Capital and Gary Glover from Novus Capital answer your questions and shine the spotlight on shares.

Stocks discussed in the episode included
$1AD, $3DP, $AZI, $CNW, $DHG, $ETPMAG, $EX1, $EXL, $HMX, $IMA, $JIN, $KGN, $LGB, $MDC, $MKG, $MNS, $MSR, $OSH, $RDM, $REA, $SVL, $TPW, $UWL, $VR1, $YOJ

There were also comments on commodities Gold, Silver, Zinc and the Property Market.

If you have a question for our guests that you would like answered on the next show then:
Text: 0480 079 089

From next week Spotee will be shining the spotlight on shares Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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