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One week to go! – A pragmatist’s guide to Investing

The Team at SpoteeED invite you to this special end of year education event.

Investing can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be…
Especially if you want to succeed at it.

Come learn the “Pragmatist’s guide to investing” as Spotee’s partners in shine:

Elio D’Amato (ex-Lincoln Indicators / Stock Doctor); and

Chris Batchelor (ex-Skaffold / Montgomery)


Condense their combined 40 years of investing experience into 2 hours of – no holds barred – education power.

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How do you know your company is for real or just a pretender? There is high reward for taking onboard risks, but what is the right balance? This topic discusses the top-down and inside-out of knowing a business and the things to look for.

What numbers should you focus on and what is just noise? This topic cuts to the chase of what it takes for a business to prove that they are winning and it's not all just hyperbole.

If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, then the share price is the confessional.

Price action is a double edge sword, so learn how to harness it using specific technical analysis concepts and other techniques to protect your downside, yet leverage up the potential.

You can't be pragmatic if your investing reality is up in the clouds.

We finish off our two day education session by bringing us back to earth and what it takes to manage money successfully and grind  out regular and consistent wins.


Session 1 – Thursday 9th December 7:00pm (60 minutes + qsts)

Session 2 – Tuesday 14th December 7:00pm (60 minutes + qsts)


For both sessions $99.95 (inclusive of GST)

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Plus receive a…


Book your place today and receive one month complimentary access to Spotee Connect (valued at $29.95)


Recordings of the event will be available for those unable to attend one or both live sessions.

Chris and Elio will share their deep knowledge in a way which is engaging, comprehensible and most importantly able to be applied.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Every DIY investor (be it a SMSF or individual) who has read all the books and followed all the experts, and now wants the filtered rules on how they should engage with the share market.

*Note: It is assumed that all attendees have a basic knowledge of share investing. This is not an "Investing 101".

This small investment * gives you an invaluable insight into two experienced investors and how they break their investing down into actionable steps.

We will cut to chase of what numbers to look for, how to assess what is a good business and how to manage money in this topsy-turvy investing world.

While both Elio and Chris are called upon regularly for comments on the topic of investing, this education session will uncover a pragmatic approach to investing that everyone can employ.

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* In many instances payment for the session may be tax deductible


This session is not about talking stocks. Rather, it is about breaking down a pragmatic investment process that anyone can follow. There may be companies discussed within recent case studies, however these are not recommendations to buy or sell. They are purely used for the purposes of education only.

However as a bonus, as part of your attendance you get one month complimentary access to Spotee Connect. You can ask a question on any stock within the app.

We will send you a link to join the webinar a day before each session takes place.

You should have received an invoice for payment at the time of your booking.

You can cancel up to 24 hours before the event. For more detail on our cancellation policy please read it here

We understand that life is busy. The good news is we will be recording the session and copies will be made available to those who have paid to attend.

Even if you can only attend one session and not the other, you will receive a recording of both sessions after the event.

Booking your attendance means you miss out on nothing, and if you like,  ask us any questions before the event.

After the webinar we will send you a recording and any learning materials from the session.

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Note: Recordings will only be made available to those who pay the attendance fee. All content is subject to copyright and can not be disseminated or reproduced without the expressed permission of its creators.

We will set you up after the event has been run, and your licence will expire 1 month after we send you the welcome email.

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In some circumstances it may be. Speak to your tax agent for further clarification.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This session is provided by Spotee Pty Limited ABN 55 637 623 940, as Corporate Authorised Representative of Daylight Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 77 633 984 773, AFSL 521404.

The session will only contain general financial product advice, meaning our content has been prepared specifically without taking account of your specific personal circumstances. You should therefore consider its appropriateness, in light of your objectives, financial situation and needs, before acting on it.

Daylight Financial Group Pty, its officers and employees do not make any representations or warranties as to the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, completeness or suitability of information covered in the session.

Past performance is no indicator of future performance and no content covered in the session should be construed as an offer or recommendation to deal in any financial product. Content will be current as at the time of the session. Should you wish to view a recording after the event you acknowledge that views and opinions may have changed.

You must pay in full prior to the event before attending.

Your payment means that you agree to all the information above including the terms expressed in our cancellation policy. Click here to read it.