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What is “Spotee Connect?”

Welcome to Spotee Connect!

Spotee Connect is your platform to ask questions about stocks that matter to you.

Investing in the share market can be a daunting and stressful enterprise for those doing it themselves. An echo chamber that leaves you feeling alone and isolated.

At Spotee we felt there was a need for investors to be better supported with their decision making and provide them with a safe platform to ask their burning questions without fear of bias or disrespect.

This defines Spotee Connect. A service built around you, answering your specific questions, without any hidden agenda, zealous dogma or scope constraints.

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Spotee Connect delivers to you exclusive access to highly qualified market experts with deep experience who understand that investing is more than just pushing a party line and that it is you and your strategy (not us) that is the most critical element to your success. The team lead by Elio D’Amato (ex-Stock Doctor/Lincoln Indicators) and Chris Batchelor (ex-Skaffold) are ready to partner with you on your journey.

Whether you prefer to invest using the fundamentals, or whether you use technical analysis to protect your capital, we speak your language, we invest your way and more importantly, can answer the specific questions you ask.

Let’s face it, when it comes to asking questions about stocks in your portfolio too often responses come from a position of vested interest with limited coverage. The value of our service lies in our ability to validate any investment thesis based on the way you like to invest.

So how do you ask a question?

Step 1

Find a company of interest

Step 2

Shine the light by asking a question

Step 3

Wait for our response. Read answers about stocks of interest while you wait

Step 4

Read our response and ask another question

That’s it! Simple to use. No stress or unnecessary social chatter – just a direct response to your specific question.

You can even set up a watchlist of companies to monitor for any new questions and answers that may be relevant to a stock you have an interest in.

What questions can you ask?

There is no limit to types of stocks you can ask questions about, nor is there a limit to the number of questions you can ask. This is a direct service driven by you, our Spotters, and we are grateful for the opportunity to help you. The types of questions you might typically ask include (but are not limited to):

  • Ask about any stock from a fundamental or technical perspective
  • Interpretation of a specific company announcement
  • Possible explanation for recent price activity
  • Validate some research or commentary that you have seen or read from a third party

The responses to your questions are not just limited for your eyes, we publish them to the entire community so that we can all benefit from our work and your question. You can even choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

Read more frequently asked questions (FAQs)

“Market at Midday” program on SpoteeTV

Spotee Connect includes as part of the service a complimentary *members only* streaming channel we call, “SpoteeTV”. This includes a program at Midday AEST where Founder and Executive Chairman of Spotee, Elio D’Amato will be joined by other experts to shine the spotlight on your shares.

Talking on “Market at Midday” Elio will discuss the main stock news of the day, answer some of your questions and shine the light on two possible investment opportunities.

Fromtimeto time he also invites guests on the show who can add value to a specific topic being discussed.

Recordings of all sessions, including “Market at Midday” will be made available to members after the event.

Join a service that has your questions at heart

Spotee Connect is now available for you to join.

Sign up today to invest with an expert in your back pocket. Your membership is automatically renewed monthly, and you can cancel your subscription from within the app at any time.

We answer your questions each trading day between 9am – 5pm AEST 12 months of the year.

Never be on your own or invest in the dark again.

See the light and join Spotee Connect today!